Scarborough Fair

Download the raw tracks for reference and mix practice here:

iSK Vibrato Scarborough Fair

It takes more than just an amazing microphone to get this good of sound. Every link in the recording chain must be very high quality, especially the room acoustics, preamp and e.q. 

The following is the recording chain used for this

1- iSK Vibrato. 

2- D.W. Fearn VT-2 Preamp

3- Metric Halo Lio-8 interface

4- Logic Pro X

One of the main things that contributes to this sound is the "Air" that you can get from boosting the high frequencies with an E.Q. For this recording we boosted the vocals significantly at 16 kHz, and that's what produced the airy sound.  If any link in the chain is not super high quality, then those high frequencies will lose fidelity, and you would only be boosting white noise, which will not have that same airy sound. While the iSK Vibrato is high enough quality to retain the fidelity of the high frequencies, if you use a stock E.Q. plugin that comes with any DAW, it will not sound this good. There are some 3rd party EQ plugins which can be purchased which will get very close to this sound, but to my knowledge, the only digital EQ's that are high enough quality to do this really well are the Metric Halo built in EQ, and any Universal Audio EQ plugin. Also if you use stock preamps that come with any recording interface, you will not get the level of high frequency fidelity that's required for this sound. 

Living Room Recording

In this recording we use the iSK Vibrato plugged straight into an Apogee Duet First Generation, which is connected to a 2013 MacBook pro, using Logic Pro X recording software.