Lesson 34

What Instruments do you Need in Your Studio

A lot of studios like to keep a bunch of instruments available and ready for use. Most notably is a drum kit. But what do you need in your studio?
Generally, when artists come to record, they will bring their own instrument. It’s what they’re used to, and it’s their sound. That part, about it being their sound, might not be important to you, because you know it won’t make any difference in the final song, but it is of utmost importance to some artists. 
There’s usually not much need to have a bunch of guitars, and every other instrument under the sun decorating your studio. 
If you are going to go out and buy an instrument for your studio, I’d recommend getting something high quality that’s better than what most of the artists bring in. That way they can feel at ease about not using their own instrument, and it’s something they will appreciate.  
Certain specialty instruments can be good to have on hand though, like a high quality low wattage all tube guitar amp, a shaker, cajon, and some good pedals. A piano is also nice to have if the space is available, even if it’s an upright. The piano is handy not only for recording piano parts, but for a quick way of going over melodies and harmonies with artists. Quite often while recording vocals, I’ll scootch over to the piano and be like... this is the note.. right here... ding ding ding, or I’ll play the song out the main speakers, and I’ll play the harmony notes on the piano, so the artist can hear how it will sound.