Lesson 36

Recording with Midi

Midi is a very powerful and convenient way of recording a wide variety of instruments. These instruments exist virtually as a software instrument. Let’s check out the software instruments that come with logic, and how this can be used to build a song.

- show various midi instruments, such as omnisphere, kontakt, Logic drummer.

There are 2 types of software instruments. Sample instruments, and synthesizer instruments. 

A sample instrument is meant to sound like a real life acoustic instrument, like a piano, violin, an entire orchestra, or pretty much any instrument or ensemble. It is created by recording that instrument playing each individual note at various volume levels. Each little recording is called a sample, as it is a sample of that note. When it is played on the keyboard, based on the note played, and the volume which it is played, the appropriate sample is played.

A synthesizer instrument, or soft synth, creates the sound from scratch. Since sound is a wave, the first step of a synth is to have a wave generator. The frequency and amplitude of the wave is dependant on the note played. Once the wave is generated, there will be various controls for modifying the sound of the wave.
Here’s an example of a software synth.