Lesson 45

Recording Drums With Minimal Microphones

Let’s go over various techniques for recording drums with limited number of microphones.

5 mics- the glyn johns method. 1 mic on kick, snare 2 overheads, and one cardioid mic for all the times, positioned at the end pointed towards all of them. 
Here’s how it sounds

4 mics- 1 mic on kick, one mic on snare, 2 overheads. 
Here’s how this sounds.

4 mics- one mic on kick, on omnidirectional or figure 8 mic in the middle, 2 overheads. Out of the limited mic options, this is my favourite 

3 mics- 1 kick, 2 overheads

2 mics- stereo- cycle in front of the kit
Mono- 1 kick, 1 overhead

1 mic- in front of the kit.
1 mic- omni in the middle