Lesson 49

Recording and producing a song by an individual artist

In this lesson, we'll go over an individual artist who sings and plays piano, and we will produce their song into a full band production.

So, we're going to start with hearing the song, even just a very rough recording on a mobile phone.  We're listening for the vibe of the song, and coming up with ideas. The Artist might already know what they want, but usually they don't, so you will need to help them out.

step 1- Find the tempo of the song. Set up a project in the daw.

step 2- create a quick drum track. It's easier and more natural for artists to play along to a drum track then a click track. 

Step 3- record the piano part throughout the whole song. Do multiple takes. Since I have both a real piano and a midi piano, I'm going to record both.

Step 4- do a rough recording of the vocals. this will get re-recorded once the production is complete.

Step 5- record the other parts and program the drums. 

This page is formerly budget recording a full band

In this example, I have a laptop with Logic Pro, and a focusrite 18i20 recording interface. I’m going to use an iSK Dsm 7a to mic the drums, and a pair of iSK vibrato’s on vocals and all the instruments.

The band consists of lead vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and keys. When the song is recorded, we will overdub some background vocals and additional guitar parts.

Here’s the room we’ll be recording in, and we’re going to do a live recording to capture the rhythm section, and then overdub additional parts This process is also explained in section 3.11, recording order.

I set the drums up here to so that they are as far away as possible from the vocals and acoustic instruments, because I want as little bleed as possible of those instruments the drum overhead mics.

The bass and acoustic guitar are being recorded DI, but I will be replacing the DI acoustic guitar and recording it properly with a microphone, in this case the iSK vibrato.

Violins and vocals are being recorded with iSK vibratos, but due to the high amount of drum bleed, these parts will need to be re-recorded.

We’ll be using the outputs of the focusrite 18i20 to provide custom monitor mixes for each artist.