Lesson 62

Mixing Instrumentals

Ok this is kinda a challenging tutorial for me to do, because there isn’t really any standard settings, or a right and wrong way of doing this. It mostly depends on my mood at the time, and what I think best suits the song. There’s no fancy tricks in this lesson that aren’t taught in other lessons, like lesson 4.5 on stereo spreading and lesson, advanced use of eq.

So, as usual, I’ll always put on a low cut filter. If it was recorded in mono, I like using the Haas effect to make it stereo if it’s an accompaniment part. If it’s a lead part, or instrumental solo, I like it to be in down the middle in mono. On the aux sends, I might like add a bit of delay, reverb, 
On acoustic guitar strumming, I’ll usually insert a de-easer to minimize the sound from the pick striking the strings.  
If there is a lead part, and it sounds a bit anemic, you can double the track, detune an octave down, and blend to taste. This trick is explained more in lesson 5.20