Lesson 68

Preparing for a Recording Session

Whenever you have people coming to the studio, you always want to be as professional as possible. Even if it’s just something you are not charging for. Because most people that walk into your studio don’t know anything about gear, and recording techniques. They won’t be impressed by a bunch of expensive gear. What they will notice is your professionalism. Is the studio clean? Does the studio look like a studio? How well do you handle unexpected challenges. How confident are you? 
No matter who it is in your studio, even if it’s your own mother, they might know people who want to record a song, and they will only recommend you if they felt like you are professional.

So here’s a list of things to prepare. If you are on the page for this lesson at iSK recording. Com, you can download and print the PDF.

Well in advance
- have spare 9v battery
- spare guitar strings
- know how many people are in the band, and the roles of each person so you can set up properly.
- will they bring their own drums? Maybe the drummer should come early.
- will guitarists bring their own amps? 

Tell the artist before hand

- print a song list
- print the lyrics, even if they have them well memorized
- be prepared for photos or videos
- don’t forget to bring any required media on a USB stick

Before artist shows up

1- set up the daw session
- hard drive space 
2- set up and test the mics and headphones. Sound check
3- cups and water available. Tea and small snacks are also nice.
4- studio is clean and tidy
5- if your instruments are being used, make sure they are tuned and ready to go
6- always have a 9v battery on hand
7- always have spare guitar strings on hand
8- have a music stand setup and ready
9- Make sure there is somewhere to sit, sometimes they will bring a friend or family member to hang out during their session.
- parking available 
- have a pen and paper handy

After artist arrives

6- phones and watch alarms set to silent
- tune instruments, vocal warmups 
- close your email

Before the artists leave
- are the guitarists happy with their tone
- everyone has their wallets and cell phones 
- don’t forget things like tuners, drum sticks... anything
- make sure all parts sound good
- save the session, and save a backup on a separate drive

- alcohol never improves a performance 
- always have a plan B if something goes wrong
- you’re in charge, so don’t be afraid to be bossy. 
- take photos and video during the session for your social media, as well as the artists.
- listen carefully to each take, and make a mental note of mistakes.
-Be weary if they want to record parts outside of your studio. If they don’t sound good, you’re stuck with them and the final song will have your reputation.